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Welcome to Art!

Year 7

Autumn Term Project 1: Formal Elements 
This project allows students to gain confidence in the subject and experiment with different media. Students focus on the core Formal Elements of art: Colour, tone, shape for example. Students then look at a key artist. They complete a final piece in the artist’s style and a written piece of work which is worth 25% of the final project’s mark. Students complete all work in a sketchbook and are marked using the current GCSE Assessment Objectives.
Spring Term Project 2: Still Life 
This project is based on the era of POP art and how artists have used food in art. We look at the artist Wayne Thiebaud and how he uses colour to portray the subject. Students start using more complex drawing skills, experimenting with colour layering in paint and pencil. Students are also introduced to the process of printing, looking at the artist Andy Warhol for inspiration. At the end of the unit, students produce a painted tile of a cake using all of the project's skills.
Summer Term Project 3: Human Form in Motion
The project celebrates the human form and allows students to understand the importance of proportion. Students learn to draw human figures to explore the complexities of movement and space. We look at Futurism and the use of movement within a space.

Year 7

Autumn Term Project 1: Portrait Drawing

Within this project we celebrate and understand facial proportions. This allows the learning of the project Human Form in Motion to be capitalised. We learn how to draw facial features correctly and put them together to create confident drawings. Students study Leonardo Da Vinci in the use of his tonal detail and mark-making.
Spring Term Project 2: Portrait Drawing Distortion:
In this project we take the learning from Term 1 and add the challenge of paint. Students are challenged to learn how to blend and apply paint correctly to create detailed painting. We look at the artist Miguel Leal which allows a fantastic introduction to photography. Students also learn how to edit imagery using Google slides.
Summer Term Project 3: Under the Sea 
In this project we work in 3D. We learn the impact of pollution on our seas and students create a piece of work reflecting this. Students learn the basic techniques of clay and construction.
We focus on the artist Peter Chang.

Year 9

Autumn Term Project 1: Illustration 
This is a great project to get drawing again! We look at various illustrators such as Quentin Blake, John Tennial and Natalie Foss. Students are then guided to make decisions for their final piece based on GCSE expectations using the various artists.
Students use a wide range of media, focusing on honing their skills further to create complex pieces of work.
Spring Term Project 2:Mixed Media Portraits 
In this project, students look at the artist Loui Jover. Students experiment with media and scale in their drawings. They also draw their illustrative learning into this project to make this a unique piece to them.
Summer Term Project 3: Identity in Street Art 
Students look at various different graffiti artists such as Swoon and Banksy. This is the student's opportunity to celebrate their identity and to create a piece that is individual to them. Students use bold colour and scale from Loui Jover, but also using their illustrations from project 1 to highlight their whole art learning for Year 9 in one piece of work.