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At King’s Academy Binfield we have developed a stable careers program that is designed to raise our students aspirations when it comes to choosing future career pathways. Our Careers curriculum enables students to develop the skills and gain the knowledge that they need to achieve their career goals. We aim to transform the life chances of our students by encouraging the development of remarkable, respectful and independent young adults.

Our careers programme gives students access to key information, experiences and skills; starting in year 7 and throughout Ks3, 4 and 5 to help them make informed choices about their future. At King’s we understand that many students take time to develop their ideas on what their future will hold for them, whilst many more change their minds during their time in education. Our careers curriculum helps to ensure students remain informed about the world of work. They will have the opportunity to experience workplaces and to meet with and talk to employers and employees from a variety of sectors in order that they are best placed to make education and careers decisions that marry with their aspirations, skills and passions.

Our careers programme is progressive and works in synchrony with students learning across the schools a whole. Key events are timed alongside important milestones in student’s education such as GCSE choices in year 9 in order that students are making links between their education choices and its impact upon their careers paths.


Careers Lead: James Baldwin

Contact Number: 01344 306983



Careers provision is due for review in July 2023