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Welcome to the Humanities Department


The Humanities department at King’s Academy Binfield holds the two aims for our students. Firstly, we aim to teach students to operate academically as geographers, historians and theologians. Secondly, we want students to become participatory British and global citizens, who are able to contribute to their communities in a knowledgeable and effective manner.

In doing so, our humanities curriculum offers students the opportunity to learn about the processes and ideas that shape the country, as well as experiencing a diverse range of perspectives and issues from across the globe. Students are challenged to become thinkers and debaters, as well as learners. 

Our three subjects are treated as individual disciplines and their content is planned with progression and academic rigor in mind. Having said this, the three curriculums work alongside each other to provide students with a rich and challenging curriculum, as well as opportunities for furthering students’ learning through trips, clubs and wider school activities.

Meet the Team:

Mr H Owen (Head of Humanities)
Primary subject: History / RW

Mr A Clarkson
Primary subject: Geography

Ms K Gristwood
Primary subject: History

Miss E White
Primary subject: Geography

Miss B Davis
Primary subject: RW

Mrs J Bondsfield
Primary subject: History/Geography

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Religious Education

If you have any questions regarding our humanities curriculum here at King's Academy Binfield, please email