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Welcome to the Maths Department


The mathematics curriculum at King's Academy Binfield prioritises teaching in ‘small steps’ – securing the core aspects of KS3 maths early on, and developing pupils’ mathematical confidence – rather than racing through content. Those who are fluent and flexible with core skills and ideas enjoy more depth within topics, and are stretched and challenged with rich tasks that promote higher order thinking and problem solving.

The work in the classroom is supplemented by regular homework. Hegarty Maths is completed online, and throughout the week we offer intervention support for those that need to develop those core skills.

Meet the team:

Miss Jo Davis (Director of Maths and Computing)

Mrs Linda Harbour (Assistant Subject Lead)

Miss Sara Carbery (Assistant Subject Lead)

Miss Tamina Kulsoom (Maths Teacher)

Mrs Nicola Penny (Maths Teacher)

Mr Tom Dean (Assistant Principal)


Year 7 Mathematics

The structure of our year 7 curriculum allows for revision of key stage 2 content. However we begin the Autumn term with Algebraic Thinking as a ‘fresh start’ for all students who will only have been exposed to a small amount of algebra at KS2. After the October half term, the emphasis is entirely on number for the rest of Autumn and all of the Spring term.

In Year 7 we study

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term

Autumn 1 - Algebraic Thinking

Spring 1 - Applications of Number Summer 1 - Lines and Angles
Autumn 2 - Place Value and Proportion Spring 2 - Directed Number and Fractional Thinking Summer 2 - Reasoning with Number


Year 8 Mathematics

In Year 8 we study

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term

Autumn 1 - Proportional Reasoning

Spring 1 - Algebraic Techniques Summer 1 - Developing Geometry
Autumn 2 - Working in the Cartesian plane Spring 2 - Developing Number Summer 2 - Reasoning with Data

Year 9 Mathematics

In year 9 we study

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term

Autumn 1 - Reasoning with Algebra

Spring 1 - Reasoning with Number Summer 1 - Reasoning with Proportion
Autumn 2 - Constructing in 2 and 3 Dimensions Spring 2 - Reasoning with Geometry Summer 2 - Representations and Revision


GCSE Maths

The year 10 & 11 schemes studied cover the whole of the Key Stage 4 curriculum, with Key Stage 3 content as assumed knowledge. However, much of the Key Stage 3 content is revisited as a basis for new material, especially so in the foundation strand.

Year 10

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term

Autumn 1 - Similarity

Spring 1 - Geometry Summer 1 - Delving into Data
Autumn 2 - Developing Algebra Spring 2 - Proportions and Proportional Change Summer 2 - Using Number

Year 11

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term

Autumn 1 - Graphs

Spring 1 - Reasoning Examinations
Autumn 2 - Algebra Spring 2 - Revision and Communication Examinations


Below is the Maths Learning Journey from years 7-11

If you have any questions regarding our maths curriculum here at King's Academy Binfield, please email