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Modern Foreign Languages

Welcome to the Modern Foreign Languages Department

Learning another language provides not only an understanding of other cultures, but broadens your horizons whilst also deepening your understanding of the world in which you live. 

By studying and exploring a foreign language, it will not only support you in becoming a well-rounded individual who “dares to be remarkable” and can access “opportunity on a global stage”, but also enables you to develop the essential basic skills that prepare you for the next stage of your education and your future life.

Languages are taught from the very start at King’s Academy Binfield and Oakwood, with Spanish taught from Nursery and French being introduced in Key Stage 2. Every student learns at least one foreign language throughout their time with us, with the vast majority studying French and Spanish until the end of Key Stage 3 when they choose which language to continue to GCSE level. 

At the end of your language learning journey at King’s Academy Binfield and King’s Academy Oakwood, you will have the ability to express your ideas and thoughts in another language and to understand and respond to its speakers, both in speech and the written form.

Meet the team:

The Languages Department comprises three members of staff, all of whom teach Spanish and French.

Ms N Bermejo (Head of Modern Foreign Languages)

Mrs K Crockford (Year Progress Lead for year 7)

Mrs L Laroche (Teacher of MFL)

Mrs S Lee (Assistant Principal)

Our Curriculum Content:

Year 7

French Spanish
  • giving basic information about ourselves and our family
  • talking about our school
  • discussing our family
  • giving basic information about ourselves and our family
  • talking about our town
  • discussing our free time

Year 8

French Spanish
  • talking about our town
  • describing different festivals
  • talking about holidays

We also learn to understand and use different tenses.

  • talking about holidays
  • talking about school
  • discussing how we use technology
  • ordering food and drink

We also learn to use different tenses.

Year 9

French Spanish
  • talking about sport and healthy living
  • exploring the future and careers
  • discovering the world around us

We also ensure that we are constantly revisiting and consolidating language and structures learnt in years 7 and 8.

At this stage we also learn to understand and use more sophisticated structures and tenses.

  • discussing healthy lifestyles
  • talking about the future and careers
  • exploring environmental issues 

We also consolidate the language and structures covered in Years 7 and 8.

In Year 9 we also learn to use more sophisticated structures and tenses.

Below are our Curriculum Learning Journeys for both French and Spanish from year 7-11.

If you have any questions regarding our languages curriculum here at King's Academy Binfield, please email