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At Kings Academy Binfield and King's Academy Oakwood we value the importance of music and its impact across the curriculum.

We believe in giving all children the opportunity to love music and all it has to offer. Through engaging music lessons and clubs, offering a wide range of musical instruments, children are given the chance to compose, work as a collaborative team and a have a place for self-expression.

Children have regular singing assembly, coming together and singing songs from a wide range of genres each week. Running through all the classes is also our Composer of the Fortnight, where children listen, learn and review music from a wide range of historical periods and genres. Here they develop their musical language of tempo, pitch, texture, dynamics when listening to music.

From Years 1 through to 4 all children are taught a new instrument for the year, learning to read musical notation and developing key musical skills.

Year 1: Recorders

Year 2: Ukulele

Year 3: Guitar

Year 4: Guitar

Year 5: Clarinet

Year 6: Clarinet

‘The songs we sing inspire me to do well.’ Georgia Year 5

‘I am proud of my music learning because, even though I find it hard learning a new instrument, I know I am getting better every week!’ Joey Year 5

‘When we listen to our composer I feel relaxed and calm.’  Keita Year 4

‘I am so happy to learn the recorder. I want to learn a new tune every week!’ Alice Year 3