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Welcome to Biology!

In Key Stage 3 we break down the study of science into 10 Big ideas. Read about the three Big Ideas that come under biology below.

Year 7

In year 7 students will learn about movement, cells, interdependence, plant reproduction and variation. Within these topics they look at concepts such as the structure and function of unicellular organisms, how animals and plants coexist with each other within an ecosystem and how genetic and environmental factors can affect the variation displayed within a species.

Year 8

During year 8 students will learn about human reproduction, breathing, digestion and bioenergetics. This means studying about hormonal control in the body, looking at the structure and function of the lungs and how the digestive systems breaks food down into the nutrients needed for survival.

Year 9

When students start in year 9 they will study evolution and inheritance, before moving on to begin the transition to GCSE content, focussing on the key concepts that underpin biology; for example the idea that The characteristics of a living organism are influenced by its genome and its interaction with the environment.

Year 10

At the start of year 10 students will really get going with their study of GCSE Biology. The biology course is broken down into 7 major areas: Cell Biology, Organisation, Infection and Response, Bioenergetics, Homeostasis and Response, Inheritance, variation and evolution and finally Ecology.

Click the document below to read our full biology learning journey.