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Dare To Be Remarkable

King’s Group Academies offer a curriculum taught in a way that allows every student to make outstanding progress, whatever their starting point. Our desire is that every student has the opportunity to progress to further education or training, and fulfil their career ambitions. 

Academic Excellence

Within the King's Academy Binfield (KAB) curriculum, there is a strong emphasis on numeracy, literacy and oracy at all Key Stages.  Our academy offers a rich curriculum that develops scientific understanding and uses the humanities and modern foreign languages to develop a broad understanding of the modern world.  Technological and creative subjects drive our students’ capacity to engage, perform and interact, as well as preparing them for adult life. All students grow to be confident at analysing information, expressing ideas and supporting their arguments persuasively and to the widest possible audience.

KAB provides a curriculum menu that is relevant and blended with pathways that provide a breadth of experience.  KAB Academy secondary has the following key curriculum areas as outlined below:

  • Maths and computing
  • Science
  • English
  • Humanities
  • Modern foreign languages
  • Creative and performing arts (art, dance, drama, technology, music)
  • Physical Education

Our curriculum supports spiritual, moral, social and cultural development; by exposing students to the best that has been thought, written, invented and created as an expression of the human spirit. Above all, our curriculum is flexible and designed to accommodate students’ individual needs.

International Stage

Every student studies both Spanish and French throughout Key Stage 3, with the study of at least one language continued at GCSE. We value communication, collaboration and cultural understanding highly, and offer trips to France and Spain which help to develop our students’ understanding of the language, culture, customs and way of life.  

To find out more about our curriculum, click on the links on the right hand side.  Below you will find a copy of our curriculum model and KS4 options.

This is a link to our options website.

If you want to find out more about our curriculum and the subjects taught here at King's Academy Binfield, email