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Please find below a list of frequently asked questions, along with answers.

Who are King’s Group Academies: 

King’s Group Academies (KGA) is a charitable trust sponsored by King’s Educational Services Ltd, a British company based in Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire.  KGA’s head office is in Portsmouth, based in its first academy, Lyndhurst Junior School Academy.  For more information visit the KGA website (

What experience in the English State system do King’s Group Academies have? 

King’s Group Academies is led by Terry Parkin, a very successful system leader of schools, supported by a team of other former and current Ofsted ‘outstanding’ English state school head teachers, (primary and secondary). Our absolute focus is using the join experience of our team to establish a school that is outstanding in all respects and one that students want to attend every day.

As an UK academy sponsor but with strong Spanish links, will Spanish be the only modern foreign language taught in the schools? 

We are happy to confirm that other modern languages will be taught, as well as Spanish. More details of these will follow soon.

When will there be a public information meeting to allow parents and the local community to learn more about KGA and the plans for KAB, and can parents contribute their own ideas? 

Now that is confirmed that KGA will be sponsors for the new King’s Academy Binfield, we will be planning a series of public meetings early in the September term. These will be widely publicised.

KGA are extremely keen to meet with parents, members of the local community and local businesses to tailor the education provided to meet the needs and aspirations of the local community.

Will King’s Academy Binfield do GCSE’s, iGCSE’s or the International Baccalaureate? 

The KGA team have all worked extensively in the English state school system. KAB will be teaching GCSE’s and possibly the International Baccalaureate depending on how the education landscape unfolds over the months to come.

How do KAB intend to work with local business and community groups? 

KGA strongly believe that establishing close, real relationships with both local businesses and community groups are a vital element in creating a fully integrated rounded approach to education.  Now we have been confirmed as sponsors for King’s Academy Binfield, we will be working hard to develop close relationships with a large number of community and business partners.

Will there be many extra curricular activities at KAB? 

Extra curricular activities add huge value to the overall curriculum and KAB will run an extensive extra-curricular programme.

Will there be a transport link to KAB (i.e. school bus or a bus serviced well within the local community)  given the fact that its location is some distance for those who may travel from outside of Binfield Village? 

Having only just been appointed as sponsor it is too soon to give a definitive answer to this question. We are determined that all students will be able to attend school through safe, efficient and affordable transport links.  Details of this will be developed over the next few months.

How do you apply for a pupil to attend the King’s Academy Binfield when it is open? 

The admission process for KAB will be done as part of the normal Bracknell Forest admissions process.

Is there any selection process to get into King’s Academy Binfield? 

King’s Group Academies do not have a selection process for students wishing to attend the school, other than following the normal Bracknell Forest admissions criteria.

KGA state that they encourage global awareness and may work in partnership with its other schools. How will this happen and will these opportunities be available for all students? 

KGA strongly believe that a vital role of a rounded complete education is to prepare all students to be prepared to work in a global context. KGA are unique in having direct access to a number of partner schools in a number of other countries. We fully expect to jointly work between schools, in all age groups, through the use of technology as well as arranging visits and exchanges, both with staff and students. No student will be prevented from taking part in these due to costs.

Does the King’s Group Academy group intend to become a large multi academy trust? 

Absolutely not. The KGA Trust plan to teach no more than 5,000 pupils, split into three clusters of schools, all with an all-through ethos.  This way we believe that we can focus on ensuring excellence.

Where will vacancies be posted if members of the local community want to work at the school? 

There is a vacancies section on the school website.  In addition, the normal recruitment processes will be followed ensuring maximum publicity.

Does KGA have a presence on social media? 

King’s Group Academies use Twitter: @KingsGroupOrg  It is likely that KAB social media sites will be established in the near future.

Who can I contact to learn more about King’s Group Academies? 

To learn more about King’s Group Academies, please email us at: