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Welcome to Geography!

In year 7 students begin by studying the expanse of the globe before narrowing in on the British Isles to understand the physical and human composition of the United Kingdom. Students progress through the year investigating the forces that have shaped our planet and how they impact humans, the role of water in shaping land use and considering what influences where people choose to live.

Students bring this knowledge into Y8 to look further at issues between the natural world and humans, starting with a unit on the fragility of the natural world. Across the year students go on to investigate further into how humans interact with each other by studying borders and the global economy, before applying their geographical learning to two broad units on the African and Asian continents.

The culmination of KS3 sees students begin with studying the sustainability of the UK’s resources. Students will then build to considering the role of the international community in governing the oceans and Antarctica, before analysing the geopolitics of Russia and China. Finally, students will ensure that their geographical understanding is put into practice through fieldwork study. 

At KS4 students build upon their issue based learning to study the dynamics of development across the globe and the challenges of urbanisation. Students will also investigate the UK’s physical and human landscape, including conduct field research into these areas. Finally students will cover the hazards of the earth, as well as entering into decision making exercises on how best to tackle key geographical issues such as climate change and deforestation.