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Welcome to Religious Education!

In year 7 students begin their RE journey by considering what religion is and investigating this through a study of Christianity and then Islam, allowing students to understand the role of the world’s two most followed religions. Students will then apply their learning to the big issues of evil and suffering, considering their own views and how religion can help those in difficulties, with a key focus on Buddhism.

Students build on this learning by comparing the role of particular individuals across Christianity and Islam in a unit on Saints and Prophets. Students continue to learn about Hinduism and its practice in Britain, before comparing the role of different festivals in society. Students end the year with a study that allows them to explore the role of religion in the modern world by comparing science and religion and debate whether the two studies are compatible.

To round off their key stage, students compare and contrast Christianity with Humanism, with particular focus on the issue of wealth and poverty. The debates between these world views, leds students into a unit on philosophy considering the role of morality and considering the role of religion in contemporary issues such as the death penalty and war. Finally, students build on their Y9 historical learning by considering the key aspects of Judaism and how Jewish spiritual beliefs have played out in both history and the present.

At KS4 students use their study of religion to analyse the beliefs of practices of Christianity and Islam, as well as considering a number of moral dilemmas such as peace and war and the value of human life.