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King's Academy Binfield uniform can be ordered from Stevensons website.  Some items of uniform can be purchased from other stores; please use guidance in our Uniform Policy.


Update received from Stevensons on 1st September 2023:

With the return of school next week, we wanted to take a moment to reconnect and share some important updates about our store. For the past decade, our establishment in Reading has experienced tremendous growth and has been dedicated to providing exceptional service. However, this summer has brought its fair share of challenges, including property issues and flooding that required us to adapt our operations earlier in the year. 

In response to these unforeseen circumstances and with a deep commitment to health and safety, we made the proactive decision to transition to a click and collect service, temporarily shifting away from our traditional in-store experience. As a 'bricks and clicks' retailer, this was undoubtedly a difficult choice, as we truly value the unique bond we share with our local customers. 

We are acutely aware of the appreciation you have for the personalized touch of local retail, and we are thrilled to share some exciting news. We are eagerly preparing to unveil a brand-new store, set to open later this year. This new chapter of our presence in Reading will introduce a store space that is more than double the size of our existing location, complete with convenient local parking. 

As a token of our gratitude for your patience and support throughout this transition, we're planning a special promotion to commemorate the opening of our new store. This promotion will be exclusively available to all Reading branch parents, and we'll ensure to provide ample notice so that parents can maximise the benefit of this. 

We genuinely appreciate your loyalty and understanding during these times of change. Our aim has always been to serve you better and provide an exceptional shopping experience. We are confident that our upcoming store will exceed your expectations and once again become a place where your parents can enjoy the best of both online convenience and in-person interactions. 

We will continue to provide more updates as we get closer to the grand opening. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey, and we look forward to welcoming you to our new store.